Fuel Dispense Calibration


Fuel Dispense Calibration and Testing Devices used by LHS Services                          

Liquid fuel measures are the most frequently used instruments for legal metrology, however there are a vast amount of companies that would like the security of knowing their equipment is dispensing correctly, whether they are private or public bodies. LHS can ensure accuracy and compliance for all your fuel measurement systems. 

The measuring device used by Lifting and Handling Services was developed to meet the needs of the Trading Standards Officers who are required to carry out checks on pumps, where a single test measure can be taken during maintenance checks. This lightweight hand held device meets NMO Specification 7321 and OIML R-120 and is approved for use for verification, calibration and accuracy testing of fuel dispensers by the National Metrology Office (NMO, Teddington, UK).

The key features of this measures device include:Fuel pump being tested and calibrated

  • Temperature Stable Carbon Fibre Composite Construction
  • Low Coefficient of Volumetric Expansion
  • Dent and Shatterproof
  • Lightweight 10L Test Measure (less than 2kg when empty)
  • Extended neck to reduce on/offing and early slowdown of dispense when testing foaming fuels.
  • Test results are easy to observe and read
  • High Resolution Scale ±1% with 10ml intervals
  • Parallel millimetre and percentage nominal volume scales
  • 63mm ID Inspection Neck
  • Sealable Calibrating Unit for easy calibration and adjustment
  • Spirit Level for easy level checking
  • Stainless Steel Handle / Seamless Glass Smooth Internal surface for reduced retention
  • 250 ID Main Vessel with conical upper shell and concave lower shell
  • Reinforced Base Rim for increased stability

Fuel Dispenser/Pump Testing Fuel Dispenser/Pump Testing is an important consideration for any company using a large volume of petrol and diesel. The purpose of Fuel Pump Testing is to measure the exact quantity of fuel being dispensed from your pumps, and to ensure that all readings are completely accurate and fully in line with the readings showing on your pump system. The only way to ensure that all pumps are dispensing the required amount of fuel is to carry out Fuel Dispensing/Pump Testing on each pump at regular intervals.

Within industries who don’t sell fuel to the public, it’s vital to follow NSAI Guidelines to ensure maximum fuel efficiency within your business. All of the test measures devices used by LHS are manufactured in accordance with NMO Specification No 7321, NMO Specification No 7323 (previously NWML) and International Recommendation OIML R 120. All test measures used are manufactured to the highest standard, with all being factory calibrated with an accuracy of ±4ml (over 2 times better than what can be read on the fuel dispenser meter). In order to carry out legal verifications, calibrations and inspections, all of our testing equipment is calibrated by an accredited metrology laboratory. All of the test measures are calibrated by NSAI.


In Ireland, The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) governs the area of pump testing, and carries out regular checks on all suppliers of fuel to the general public. Within industries who do not sell fuel to the public, it is good practice to use the NSAI Guidelines to ensure maximum fuel efficiency within your business.

Safety inspection, certification and calibration of materials handling and safety equipment is Lifting and Handling Services speciality. Contact us for technical and legal advice on +353 45 868342 (email : info@liftingandhandling.ie)  or visit our download section.

You can also download our technical services brochure on Fuel Dispense Calibration Testing.