CLASS inspection software exampleOur award winning inspection programme CLASS meets the highest standards for statutory inspection and certification

C.L.A.S.S (Compliant Legislative and Statutory Services) is a bespoke inspection management programme combining the latest in computer software technology and information to ensure that lifting and handling equipment is inspected and serviced in accordance with National and European legislation.

The programme was originally designed in 1990 and it has been successfully used in a large number of national and multinational companies over the companies 25 years servicing history. Details of the programme were discussed with the HSA as part of the Ministerial Millennium Award for Innovative Health and Safety Projects which we received,  we can assure our clients that CLASS meets with statutory and ISO requirements for inspection/testing and certification of material handling and safety equipment.        

CLASS has been instrumental in many companies achieving the ISO and other standards (see Customer Testimonials). We have received several accolades for CLASS, including the Recognition of Excellence award from the Irish Maintenance Society, Together in Excellence from the pharmaceutical industry and was winner of the Kildare Enterprise Board Entrepreneur Awards, and was then put forward to receive an award in the all Ireland Enterprise Awards.

The system was also instrumental in a successful court case for a multinational client in Dublin where we produced 5 years of data to prove that the equipment had been inspected and certified within the timescale of the statutory regulations, and likewise that maintenance was carried out routinely and within the manufacturer's specifications. This was the first time that any SME inspection company system proved itself, and LHS Services are the only company in the market place to have such a computerised programme encompassing all aspects of the statutory inspection process and root cause analysis.

The key features of C.L.A.S.S. include:

  • Management of Large Asset Register with hundreds of thousands of plant items inspected
  • Asset Tracking of equipment over multiple sites nationwide
  • Inspection to a professional standard: EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 Bodies Performing Inspection
  • Accurate and Consistent Reporting through our CLASS Programme for Statutory Inspection
  • Transparency and Traceability view your equipment online 24/7

The CLASS system has 33 steps to each and every inspection and certification of your materials handling and safety equipment. We have analysed each step of CLASS to ensure that we have control and that they meet with EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 Bodies Performing Inspection. We can prove accuracy and consistency of our inspections and systems through CLASS each and every time. Contact us for further information or to arrange an online demo at or 045 868342. 

The 33 Steps in the CLASS Programme, which applies to every inspection we carry out, are:

CLASS - 33 Steps to Certification
LHS Office sets up all details of the job for the surveyor including clients schedule
Step 7-22 CLASS Surveyor
Surveyor Inspection of Plant items on site, Sign Off and upload of data
Step 23-32 CLASS Office
LHS Office Finalise and Check on all client data and enable web reports
Step 33 CLASS Accounts
LHS Accounts review all accounts information
Step Online CLASS Online
Clients job is live online for access 24/7 including history’s and new schedule

Safety inspection, certification and calibration of materials handling and safety equipment is Lifting and Handling Services speciality. Contact us for technical and legal advice on +35345 868342 (email:  or visit our download section.