Load Testing


Accurate and proven measurements are critical to any load test. During load tests carried out by LHS we take load and displacement sensors readings, which are then added to with laser precision measurements to produce professional and legal reports, graphs etc. for our clients.  

LHS Services team are fully equipped to carry out Load Testing and Certification of machinery and structures. We have been contracted to carry out small scale specialised testing of individual components for finite element analysis to large scale laser measuring of power masts and dam beams. Our high level test house equipment is also used in the ROPS (rollover) protection system and other testing, where we take one second interval readings from multiple tension, compression and torque load cells including displacement sensors to provide structural calculations or determine breaking strain.

Lifting and Handling Services equipment includes the following:

  • An on site load test.Standard Load Cells: 5000 kg to 50000 kg calibrated dynamometers (with an accuracy  +/- 0.2% 5)
  • Test House Load Cells: 1 kg to 10000 kg calibrated dynamometers  (with accuracy +/- 0.0 3% 2.5)
  • Torque Load Cells: 1 Nm to 300,000 Nm (accuracy  +/- 0.15% Rated Capacity)
  • Displacement Sensors with accuracy  +/- 0.01 %
  • Tension and Compression Load Cells 100 kg to 50000 kg
  • Tension Meter for wire ropes: 6 mm to 40 mm
  • Laser Total Station: Leica TC407
  • Laser Precision: Rotary Laser
  • Steel hand Weights up to 3000 kg
  • Concrete Weights up to 50,000 Kg
  • Water Weights up to 50,000 Kg

Our Specialised Testing Services include:

  • Load Testing of Safety Equipment and Machines
  • Load Testing of Structures and Buildings

laser precision measurements. We carry out inspection, load testing and certification on the following Lifting Equipment in house and on site:

  • Lifting frames
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Jib Cranes
  • Overhead Beams
  • Electric and Manual Hoists    
  • Plate and Product Lifting Clamps    
  • Electric and Hydraulic Winches    
  • Lorry Mounted Cranes, Lifts and Hydraulic Jacks
  • Loose Lifting Tackles
  • Safety Equipment
  • Fork Lift Trucks    
  • Window Cleaning Equipment    

Safety inspection, certification and calibration of materials handling and safety equipment is Lifting and Handling Services speciality. Contact us for technical and legal advice on +35345 868342 (email: info@liftingandhandling.ie)  or visit our download section.